Nitto Ridge Grappler Hybrid Terrain Tire


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Nitto Ridge Grappler Hybrid Terrain Tire
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Manufacturer: Nitto


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Nitto Ridge Grappler Hybrid Terrain Tire


Jeeps are one of the best hybrid vehicles on the market, designed with both comfortable driving in the city and backroad adventuring in mind. However, while the standard Jeep tires are good, some third-party partners have worked hard to make an even better hybrid tire. As such, we want to introduce you to the Ridge Grappler Hybrid Terrain Tire from Nitto!

There are many great features to the Ridge Grappler Tire, but the main enhancements are a variable pitch tread for smoother driving on pavement with tapered edges for increased traction when off-roading. Learn more about the great enhancements of the Nitto tire below, or browse the rest of our online inventory for more great upgrades available here at Just for Jeeps.


Variable Pitch Tread Pattern

  • Advanced sound equipment was used to create a tire pattern for a quieter and smoother highway ride.

Shoulder  & Lateral Z Grooves

  • Shoulder grooves are arranged in alternating widths and lengths to clear mud and maintain traction. Lateral Z grooves are set in a zig-zag pattern to provide biting edges for traction.

Dual Sidewall

  • Like all Grapplers, the Ridge Grappler features two bold sidewall designs. One side features a more traditional pattern while the other side features a new, aggressive block design.
  • Reinforced Block Foundation.
  • Adds rigidity to tread blocks to reduce flex.

Stone Ejectors

  • Protects the bottom of groove from stone drilling.

Staggered Shoulder Lugs

  • Provides traction in off-road environments.


  • The alternating tapered edges and step block edges both provide additional biting edges for more traction.

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