The Reel Rack - Fishing Pole Tire Cover

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The Reel Rack - Fishing Pole Tire Cover
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The Reel Rack - Fishing Pole Tire Cover

We talk to plenty of Jeep drivers who love aggressive trail-driving, but we also talk to many who just want to find a quiet place to fish. The Jeep is the perfect vehicle to get them where no one else can go, meaning they have the nature, the water and the fish all to themselves.

Jeeps are roomier than they look, but fishing poles are just awkward. Long and gangly, it's hard to store them properly without them blocking vision or getting bent by other gear.

That's why we love the Reel Rack. It's an ingenious spare tire cover from Spare Accessories that lets drivers pack up to four poles in a safe, secure space. The tire cover is custom fit for your Wrangler or Liberty, and will protect your spare from damage and wear. Installed directly into the cover are four racks, made from UV-resistant PVC. Instead of breaking down your pole into parts that you have to reassemble, just stash your pole in the rack and drive.

The Reel Rack Fishing Pole Tire Cover saves you time and frees up space, leaving you free to enjoy more of your day on the water. Cast off.
Spend more time fishing and driving. The Reel Rack for your Jeep cleverly combines a spare tire cover with a fishing pole rack.
Weight: 10.00 LBS

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