Automatic Tire Deflators - Set of 4

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Automatic Tire Deflators - Set of 4
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Item: 632PSI

Manufacturer: J.T. Brooks

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Automatic Tire Deflators - Set of 4

Automatic tire deflators allow you to spend less time airing down and more time off-roading. These deflators are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. They are made of high quality brass and nickel plated to resist corrosion and rust.

    Why Deflate?
  • Improve overall performance
  • Increase tire traction
  • Increase tire's ability to conform to obstacles
  • Improve travel on soft surfaces
  • Protect drive train components
  • Adjustable from 6-32 PSI
  • Deflate all 4 tires at once
  • "Easy Grip" Lock Nut to Maintain "Set" PSI
  • "Easy-Grip" Trigger to Manually Start​ Deflation
  • Easy to use directions included
  • Includes storage pouch
Once a set of J.T. Brooks Automatic Tire Deflators are calibrated to your desired PSI, they are ready to use over and over again. These deflators automatically and accurately deflate tires to a "set" PSI. Simply lock the tire deflators in place with the lock nut, screw them onto each tire's valve stem, and let them do the work. The deflators automatically shut off when the desired PSI is reached. This saves the user much time and frustration. By screwing one deflator onto each tire, all tires can be deflated simultaneously. This allows the user to complete other task while all tires are deflating. The automatic feature of these valves eliminates the need to manually deflate your tires, so you spend less time setting your tire pressure and more time off-road.
Weight: 1.00 LBS

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