Mopar Roadside Safety Kit for 2017-2024 All Jeeps


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Mopar Roadside Safety Kit for 2017-2024 All Jeeps
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Manufacturer: Mopar

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Mopar Roadside Safety Kit for 2017-2024 All Jeeps


Jeep drivers love to push their vehicles to the limit, challenging tough mountain trails and other backcountry roads. However, while Jeeps are built with off-roading and long distance driving in mind, even the best made vehicle can suffer an unexpected breakdown. Make sure you’re prepared for a roadside emergency with the Jeep Roadside Safety Kit for all Jeep vehicles.

The Roadside Safety Kit includes jumper cables, a flashlight with batteries, screwdrivers, pliers, electrical tape, safety triangle, blanket, bungee cord and gloves. The contents of the kit are contained inside a black canvas bag with the Mopar logo, the OEM producer of many essential Jeep components. The Roadside Safety Kit can be used with all Jeep models, or even in other cars that aren’t manufactured by Jeep.

You can’t predict everything in life, but you can at least prepare for roadside emergencies with the Mopar Roadside Safety Kit for Jeeps. For your other Jeep needs, including parts, components and other safety gear, save money on your orders by shopping at Just for Jeeps.

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