Plastic Rivet Gun

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Plastic Rivet Gun
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Item: 97757RG

Manufacturer: Jeep Gear

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jeep gear Plastic Rivet Gun

Ergonomically designed for one-handed operation, this plastic rivet guns self-adjusting jaws help set rivets perfectly in a single stroke without re-gripping or prematurely breaking the stem. You can also set all sizes of rivets without having to remove the nose-piece. The tool ensemble comes with 40 polyoxymethylene (POM) rivets that leave an attractive, finished appearance.

* Self-adjusting jaws help set rivets perfectly in a single stroke
* No regripping prematurely breaking the stem
* Ergonomically designed for one-handed operation
* Provides easy access to confined areas
* Sets all sizes without changing nose-piece
* Will not cause damage to painted or delicate surfaces
* Perfect for fastening door panels and automotive trim
* Rivet leaves an attractive, finished appearance

Includes 40 industrial strength polyoxymethylene (POM) rivets: 10 each of 5mm x 15.8mm, 5mm x 17.2mm, 6.6mm x 17.2mm, and 6.3mm x 25.2mm

Weight: 3.00 LBS

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