Mopar 2" Lift Kit with Fox Shocks for 2018-2023 Wrangler JL


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Mopar 2" Lift Kit with Fox Shocks for 2018-2023 Wrangler JL
$2,095.00 - $2,270.00

Item: JL 2" Lift Kit

Manufacturer: Mopar

Availability: In stock

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Mopar 2" Lift Kit with Fox Shocks for 2018-2023 Wrangler JL

Ready to add an extra lift to your 2018 to 2023 Jeep Wrangler JL? The Mopar Jeep Performance Parts 2” Lift Kits have been developed by Jeep® brand engineers and off-road enthusiasts to allow you to use larger tires.

The kit includes 2.5" diameter aluminum body mono-tube FOX Shocks for cooler operation. In addition, the lift kit increases articulation and tire-to-ground contact and the longer front control arms optimize caster suspension tuning for on-road without compromising off-road capability. It works with electronic stability control although unique alignment specifications are required.

The parts are easy to install as no driveshaft or brake line replacements are required. Rigorously tested for performance, durability and corrosion, the parts in this kit meet all FCA US LLC production standards. Because all included parts are Mopar OEM made, they are sure to work with compatible Jeep Wrangler JL models.

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2 Dr 2.0L Engine - Mopar # 77072397AF (Replaces Item # 77072397AE, 77072397AD, 77072397AC  & 77072397AB)
2 Dr 3.6L Engine - Mopar # 77072396AF (Replaces Item # 77072396AE, 77072396AD, 77072396AC  & 77072396AB)
4 Dr 2.0L Engine - Mopar # 77072430AG (Replaces Item # 77072430AF, 77072430AE, 77072430AD, 77072430AC  & 77072430AB)
4 Dr 3.6L Engine - Mopar # 77072395AG (Replaces Item # 77072395AE, 77072395AE, 77072395AD, 77072395AC  & 77072395AB)
4 Dr 3.0L Diesel Engine - Mopar # 77072399AE (Replaces Item # 77072399)
4 Dr 4xe 2.0L Hybrid - Mopar # 77072522AB (Replaces Item # 77072522)

Important: The kit will ship in a Jeep wooden crate! Due to the size, it's excluded from any free shipping promotions.