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Mopar Trailer Hitch Receiver for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2
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Mopar Trailer Hitch Receiver for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2

Item: 82212180AD
Manufacturer: Mopar
Availability: In Stock

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Regular price: $300.00Sale price: $262.00You Save: $38.00!(13%)

Compatibility Guide

2011-2021Grand Cherokee WK2

moparTrailer Hitch Receiver for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2

Enhance the towing capacity of your Jeep with a Mopar Trailer Hitch Receiver available at The Trailer Hitch Receiver has added strength over receivers with multiple-piece designs because it's assembled as a welded, one-piece receiver. It is covered with an E-coated paint finish in two layers, so it's made to repel rust. Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokees from model year 2011 to present, the trailer hitch receiver will not disappoint with its level of strength or durability. Check the owner's manual of your Jeep to make sure not to exceed its rated towing capacity.

Class IV Trailer Hitch-OE Hitch in Kit includes bezel and mounting hardware.

Mopar Item # 82212180AD (Replaces Item # 82212180, 82212180AB & 82212180AC)

For wiring harness please see Accessories tab above.

SRT8 models also require 68157472AA trim bezel, sold separately, see Accessories tab above.

*Due to a change enacted in the early 2018 models, 2018 Grand Cherokees not equipped with the "AHT-Trailer Tow Package" are no longer preconfigured to accept the 56055632AC Hitch Connector. If you have a 2018 Grand Cherokee built after February 2018 you will have to physically look under/behind the rear bumper to see if your Jeep has the necessary harness for the factory hitch connector to connect to. If your 2018*-2020 Grand Cherokee does not have the factory harness there is now a complete harness available. (See the Accessories Tab)*

***Be sure to check your owner's manual to determine your own Jeep's maximum towing capacity.***

Mopar Trailer Hitch Wiring Harness for 2018*-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2
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Hitch Bezel for Grand Cherokee WK2
Hitch Bezel for Grand Cherokee WK2
Item: 68111636AA

Hitch Bezel for Gr... Read More

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52 Reviews
81% (42)
15% (8)
4% (2)
0% (0)
0% (0)
98% Recommend this product (51 of 52 responses)
By Zack
Looks great, and not too hard to install.
January 18, 2015
It's a pretty easy install as long as you have a good assortment of small metric wrenches and/or sockets. Specifically it takes 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm as I recall. The hardest part is getting the trim off the edge of the wheel wells, and I couldn't find a better solution than to carefully pull straight out.Taking a sawzall to the bumper of your brand new car is certainly unnerving, but I've done two of these now with no problems at all. Just go slow and be careful.
ProsLooks great, and you get a professional-looking install. This model has both the 7-pin round and the 4-pin flat connectors, which means no more adapters to lose.
ConsTaking the trim off the wheel well is hard.
By Brett
Denver, NC
'14 Jeep GC Limited Great Fit
July 3, 2014
This was a fairly straight forward upgrade and really helps if you have a router of some sort to make cutting the plastic part out easier. The directions were spot on and I really only needed to buy a torque wrench. I had all the other tools from other upgrades to my jeep but I wanted to make sure I got these bolts tightened to spec since I would be towing my jet skis.My jeep had the wire connections pre run so I only needed the plug to bring it all together. I also bought a jeep branded hitch cover to finish it off.
ProsGreat OEM finish Instructions Provided
ConsFeeling like i'm breaking my car as I take off the bumper...
By Taylor
The Best Hitch Option Available
August 1, 2021
Don't waste you're time on an aftermarket hitch for the WK2. Go OEM for the quality and looks.
ProsOEM Quality, fit, finish
By Bill
Much easier install than appears
July 25, 2021
Appears to be a difficult install when you start talking about removing bumpers etc. However its really pretty simple. I did it myself, just be extra careful removing the wheel well trim as the clips have a tendency to break(one of which the actual post on the trim broke off for me). Nothing that a low priced rivet tool and replacement clips at auto parts store couldnít fix. Take your time and even by yourself itís not more than a few hour job. Results are fantastic
By Terry C.
Clermont Florida
July 2, 2021
Wow this reciever was perfect all the necessary parts and predrilled holes and the pre punched receptacle hole was perfect for your existing plug, thank you for making my job just that much easier, but when you apply receptacle you will have to have it programmed thru computer at a dealership, which I believe is all about money, but I guess we all go thru the same thing, welcome to the new world!!
ProsSee above!
By Nick
Phoenix, Arizona
Great Looking Hitch, But Instructions Were WAY Too Extensive!
April 8, 2021
This hitch looks great on my car. It was very easy to install on my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude.

I did not follow the instructions provided though. The instructions called for removing the taillights and entire bumper, which you would have to remove part of the trim above the wheels as well. This is all completely unnecessary. At least on my Grand Cherokee, you can simply remove the lower bumper fascia. This is attached by one bolt in each wheel well, two bolts attaching it to the bumper cross member, and 10 or so body clips. The majority of clips are easy to access. They can be pinched and pried out. There are a few behind the cross member that can't be seen, but can be found by feeling around. There are a couple that are behind the heat shield on top of the muffler. These are the hardest to get to. You can remove two of the three screws holding the heat shield in place and gently bend it out of the way. This took just a few minutes, where removing the entire bumper could take hours. Then the only issue was getting to the bolt above the muffler. A regular socket won't fit, so I had to buy a single 21 m wrench for this one bolt. I suggest putting some towels or something cloth between the top of the cross member and the bottom of the bumper, when removing the cross member. It could cut the painted bumper pretty easily if not removed with care.
ProsGreat looking factory hitch.
ConsTerrible Instructions! Also think the wire harness adapter should be included in this kit.
By Ray
April 1, 2021
Has Mopar sticker on it. Nice product. Easy to install. No need to remove entire rear bumper just the bottom half for installation. Everything lines up with the factory holes.
ProsBolts right on
By John
Very solid product, directions not fantastic, fair price
March 10, 2021
Companies should try installing their products with their instructions prior to selling their products...vice relying on customer's to fend for themselves and create videos on youtube. Maybe I'm just old school and have a different definition of how something one creates defines their character.

In comparison, E-trailer provides their own videos. However, E-trailer does send their products missing some bolts. I went with Mopar as I wanted the hitch height higher and a custom, in-bumper appearance.

I own a 2018 JGC Altitude.

Some points I think are relevant to add to the youtube videos:

1. Give yourself 5 hours
2. Get familiar with the various types of plastic connectors, rivets, and screws that hold the trim, wheel well cover, and rear body section on.
3. Turn on some good music in your work area to help relax as you curse out the Jeep Cherokee designers as you disassemble your Jeep.
4. Drill out the plastic rivets.
5. Take a picture of the wheel well trim and wheel well cover as you disassemble it to remember how it goes back together.
6. The 21mm bolts holding on the bumper are compatible with 13/16.
7. Convince a "lackey" to help you out. They can remove/install the hitch while you cut the rear body section.
8. When you start cutting the rear body section to accommodate the hitch, look at the 10 connectors attached to the black outer cover that will "border" your cut out area as these are smaller and straighter than the marked cut outs on the rear body section.
9. A utility knife and cutting wheel on a drill can do the job.
10. Anticipate casualties. Replacement trim connectors are cheaper at local auto parts stores than at the Jeep dealership.
11. Save the bar code on your box as you'll cover up the one stickered on the hitch.
12. Remember that you are saving yourself several hundred dollars. When you look at what you assembled, it looks custom made. I have no doubt on the hitch's ability to haul.
ProsSolid product.
ConsPoor installation instructions.
By Nicolas
Works Perfectly
October 16, 2020
The hitch is exactly what I wanted. Goes through the bumper and it looks great. I didnít install it but took it to a body shop and thy did it in 1 hour and charged me $150.
ProsAs described Comes with all parts Easy to installed
By Lou
New Jersey
October 15, 2020
I shopped around from dealerships to supply stores finally I found Just for Jeepís. And while this item was back ordered they still managed to get it quicker then anyone else!
Thank you.
Excellent product, added value!
September 27, 2020
The fact that it is a JEEP branded product and fits like a factory installation is icing on the cake of a well engineered and produced product. It's definitely perfect for its intended use and certainly adds value to our Grand Cherokee.
ProsLooks like a factory installation rather than an after-market add-on. Well made.
ConsPricey, but worth it!
By Aye D.
Suffolk, Long Island.
Part as expected came unexpectedly fast!
July 15, 2020
I already knew I was buying a quality OEM product but what surprised me was how fast it shipped! Thank you just for jeeps!
ProsVERY fast shipping. Quality OEM part and fit.
By Phillip
Harrells, NC
Excellent OEM product
August 26, 2019
Relatively easy to install with a little patience and skill. Exact factory fit, form, and function.
By William B.
Rapid delivery to the UK - great service
August 3, 2019
Rapid delivery to the UK - great service
By Thom
Works OK
July 25, 2019
One bolt hole didn't line up in the factory frame holes. Took to dealer to get installed since I couldn't do it myself and get all the bolts to line up. Fits great, bezal worked as advertised and couldn't tell it wasn't from the factory.
By George
Chester, NH
Great Item
July 5, 2019
Was a perfect fit for my Jeep. Before cutting the slats in the bumper check the piece that dresses up the cut out. The instructions sad to cut out some holes that were not needed and forgot to tell you to cut out others. Just double check things before cutting. This does not reflect on anything "Just For Jeeps" did.
By Randy
WYOMING, MI United States
May 30, 2019
The receiver fits perfectly. Watch some of the youtube videos. They give some great tips the instructions just don't tell you. JUST FOR JEEPS is a vary good company but their website needs help. When you think you have the right item for your make, model and year call to make sure first. Just saying.
ConsWebsite problems.
By gratefulcj
Blair, Nebraska
Don't remove the entire rear fascia on the Jeep Grand Cherokee!!!
May 10, 2019
Although the product itself was just fine and well built, I was very disappointed in the installation instructions. The diagram very faint and hard to read. but more importantly it described how to install on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and a couple of other models and was confusing on which steps applied just to the Grand Cherokee. The worst part was that the instructions told you to remove the entire rear fascia including tail light assemblies and fender moldings. This was all COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. The bumper cover attached to the bottom of the fascia can be removed separately much more easily by removing about a dozen small clips that are pretty easy to access from under the vehicle. Hopefully this will help some avoid the unnecessary work and possible damage to parts and fasteners. Also save you a ton of time.
By Mike
Aledo, TX
Perfect fit!
April 22, 2019
Only reason this wasn't five star is actually CDJ's problem not JustforJeeps' issue. The instructions are not 100% accurate. Easy install by one person with the right tools.
By Brian
Perfect fit, easy installation
April 14, 2019
Fits perfectly, as it should. The included instructions are adequate, and there are plenty of videos online for roving the rear fascia if there are questions. The entire installation took just over 1hr without any assistance. Highly recommend a Dremel or.similar for cutting out the OEM bumper.
ProsOEM installation, all parts and instructions clear
By Shaun H.
Nice OEM Fit
April 11, 2019
Nice kit for a good price. Instructions lack, you'll have to cut more holes in your rear valance than it says, but thats a mopar fault not on J4J.
By Bill M.
Corning NY
Awesome Customer Service
April 3, 2019
Shipment received on time and in great quality. Outstanding customer service including follow up help with Installation. Thank you Corey!
By Pat
New York
Just as described
February 13, 2019
Went in super easy no troubles. Quality factory product. Definitely worth buying the mopar over the cheesy looking aftermarket ones. Fast shipping and great service by the justforjeep crew. Thanks
ProsFactory look Easy install
ConsHave to pay the dealer to turn on the factory wire harness but it’s worth it for the quality and appearance
Edgewood, New Mexico
Great Prodcut
January 14, 2019
Just to be clear, this does not include the trailer hitch plug. Great product and really easy to install. I used a rotozip, which i highly recommend for cutting your bumper.
By Chris R.
Austin, Tx
Easy to install kit
October 15, 2018
Easily add a receiver hitch to your Grand Cherokee and it comes with the trim bezel. Wiring plug is sold separately as well as the ball mount and hitch ball.
ProsComes with trim bezel
By Steve
Great hitch
October 4, 2018
This hitch was great and pretty easy to install. Took 2 of us about 2.5 hours. Instructions were quite good but could be made better with clearer instructions on how to remove wheel arch trim and how the fender clicks into the rear. You tube helped. What you don't realize before you start is the template for cutting your bumper is already pre marked made life really easy and more reassuring.Well worth the money to buy the OEM hitch
By allen96
Product was exactly as described and arrived early
September 7, 2018
My son and I installed this in just a few hours. Like others have noted, pulling off the wheel well molding was the most difficult part. I also took longer than I should cutting out the holes in the rear bumper trim because I made the holes too small the first time, making it too difficult to install the cover plate. There's also a minor mistake in the instructions but it will take you 5 seconds to figure this out and move on so don't sweat it. Also, I found that my rivet gun is too small and my local auto and home parts stores didn't have the proper tool, so I never re-installed the plastic rivets on the wheel well trim--one day maybe I'll get around to it. But once you're done (2-3 hrs?), you'll have a beautiful factory-look OEM rear trailer hitch. Highly recommend.
ProsLooks like it was installed at the factory Fast delivery
ConsMinor error in instructions (not Just for Jeep's fault) from Mopar.
By Jeff
Perfect fit. Easy install.
August 2, 2018
This item replaces the stock bumper insert with the tow hitch. Item fit perfectly and was a straightforward installation
By Simon
Look very good!
July 18, 2018
With the help of 2 peoples, we need two hours to install the hitch. The manual is very helpful. Thank you!
By Alexander
Wellsburg, NY
Looks Great! Easy Install!
June 29, 2018
This hitch receiver is so easy to install. It took me and my dad about two hours. We used a Dremel tool to cut the bumper and that worked great. The Hitch Connector clips perfectly onto the receiver. The hardest part of the whole process was taking the bumper off. It looks like the jeep came from the factory with the hitch once installed.(DISCLAIMER: It is a little uncomfortable cutting into your bumper, but follow the directions and it'll turn out fine!)
ProsEase of Install Looks great

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