Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) for 1997-2020 All Jeeps


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Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) for 1997-2020 All Jeeps
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Item: EVTS

Manufacturer: Mopar

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Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) for 1997-2024 All Jeeps

Your vehicle is more than just another vehicle. It's your passion, your pride and your ride. Go the extra mile and protect it from theft loss with the Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System EVTS, powered by Guidepoint, the leader in GPS-enabled stolen vehicle recovery systems. Mopar EVTS gives you everything you need to get your vehicle back quickly and safely following a theft. The 24/7 Rapid Response Center Team tracks down vehicles in minutes before possible damage can be done. GPS and cell technology provide nationwide coverage. Exact location of stolen vehicles are pinpointed precisely across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Plus, with two optional plans to choose from, you can get the added protection you need for anything you might encounter on the open road. No Annual subscription (For US residents, who's primary address is in the United States, with occasional trips to Canada or Mexico) The system is available on Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Truck vehicles and vehicles with a 16-pin diagnostic data port (OBD II). The Mopar EVTS is offered in two packages: Base and Gold. The Base plan offers a GPS stolen-vehicle locator, real-time GPS stolen-vehicle tracking and a $1,000 theft-protection warranty. The system is transferable and upgradeable, with no subscription fees. For added protection and service, owners may choose a Gold plan. The Gold plan includes ―Security Fence, a feature that allows owners to set speed and distance parameters for their vehicles. If and when set parameters are exceeded, a text alert is sent to the EVTS registered owner. Other vehicle monitoring features available in the Gold plan include arrival/departure notification, historic trace maps of a vehicle's past locations, 24/7 emergency service dispatch, automatic theft notification, online tracking and OnCall, an on-board panic button. You also get unlimited online tracking and a full concierge service, allowing vehicle owners to receive directions, make reservations and receive other needed assistance at the touch of a button using the EVTS registered owner's cell phone. The Gold package is available as a one-year, renewable service plan. The Gold Service Plan is available only at the time of activation. Optional service plans do not require additional hardware or installation charges.

Mopar EVTS Base Plan:
- GPS stolen-vehicle locator service
- Real-time GPS stolen-vehicle tracking
- $1,000 theft protection warranty
- Transferable
- Upgradeable
- Part number: 82216093AA (Replaces Item # 82213761AE)

Mopar EVTS Gold Plan (available only at time of installation)
- E-Call 24/7 emergency service dispatch
- Security Fence
- Automatic theft notification
- OnCall? (on-board panic button)
- Excessive speed notification
- Arrival/Departure notification
- Historic trace maps of vehicle's past location
- Online tracking (unlimited)
- Full concierge service
- Part number: 82212613

- Annual Fee: $249 (one-year service, renewable) The Activation/Question Line for the EVTS is 877-477-3710. This is also the 24/7 Tracking and Recovery Support Center.

For US residents, whose primary address is in the United States, with occasional trips to Canada & Mexico. This kit will work with any brand vehicle that has a OBDII port.


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