Willys Logo Tire Cover

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Willys Logo Tire Cover
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Item: 82214219

Manufacturer: Mopar

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moparWillys Logo Tire Cover

Jeeps didn't start out being named Jeeps. The word has a fascinating but not-so-verifiable history. Some say it's a verbalization of the acronym for "Government Purpose" or "General Purpose." Others say it originated from comic strips featuring Popeye and his jungle friend, Eugene the Jeep.

But there's no mystery about Willys. The Toledo Company won the initial contract to make the first models used in World War II. Known as the Willys MB, it became the U.S. Army's favored light transport vehicle. The Willys-Overland Motor Company secured the trademark and started making commercial models, and the rest is history.

Our Willys Tire Cover salutes that first line by displaying a distressed version of the company name, as featured in later Willys special editions. The logo is printed in white across a black denim material with heavy-duty stitching, for a tight, protective fit around your Wrangler spare. Made by OEM Mopar, it's crafted exactly to the rest of your Jeep's standards.

Wearing a Willys logo on your tire cover is a way to celebrate Jeep and to honor the vehicle's role in a worldwide fight for freedom. It's a nod to history and a salute to service.

Item # 82214219 - Fits Tire Sizes P255/75R17, LT255x75R17, & P255x70R18
Celebrate your Jeep's history with this Willys Tire Cover, featuring the company that made the first Jeeps for the U.S. Army.
Weight: 5.00 LBS

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