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Mopar Roof Side Rails Neutral Grey for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2
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Mopar Roof Side Rails Neutral Grey for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2

Item: 68311296AB_68311297AB
Manufacturer: Mopar
Availability: In Stock

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Regular price: $300.00Sale price: $270.00You Save: $30.00!(10%)

Compatibility Guide

2011-2021Grand Cherokee WK2

mopar Roof Side Rails Neutral Grey for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2

Finally, now you can replace your Jeep's chrome roof side rails with the new Neutral Grey roof side rails from the 2017 Trailhawk Grand Cherokee. The Neutral Grey Side Rails give you another item you can swap out if you are looking to get rid of your chrome.

The roof side rails are a first step toward being able to mount other accessories for carrying sporting equipment or extra cargo. Note that these neutral grey side rails are not an exact replacement for the black plastic rails that come as standard equipment on some Grand Cherokee models. If you're uncertain about installation, consider having the side rails installed by your Jeep dealer or a body shop.

***Not a direct replacement for the base, low-profile black plastic side rails found on some models and will require additional modifications and/or hardware not offered by Mopar during the installation process. See reviews for more tips on installation. ***

Roof Rack Side Rails are sold as a pair.
Mopar Item # 68311296AB (Right) & 68311297AB (Left)
Mopar Removable Roof Rack Cross Rails for 2011-2021 Grand Cherokee WK2
Regular price: $300.00Sale price: $270.00You Save: $30.00!(10%)


38 Reviews
79% (30)
18% (7)
3% (1)
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100% Recommend this product (38 of 38 responses)
By Corey
Installation Help, see below
September 5, 2018
ProsYou will finally be able to carry gear on your roof.
ConsNot a direct replacement for the black plastic rails. Will require some ingenuity to install.
By KyRic T.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Nice Roof Rails
August 4, 2021
I purchased these roof rails to upgrade from the cheap plastic placeholders that came standard on my 2018 Grand Cherokee Altitude - and to enable future roof rack/accessories. It is effectively a direct fit/bolt on but with one little catch. The front rail bolts that came on the Altitude do not properly fit the new roof rails so I ended up purchasing new ones at the hardware store that would work. This took some extra time and a few dollars in additional cost. Otherwise very happy so far.
By TonyM
Excellent product
January 15, 2021
Rails were exactly as described,strong enough to hold my ski rack and fit my 2020 GC perfectly
By Timmayy
Nice rails
December 28, 2020
Very happy with purchase for my 2018 grand Cherokee altitude. Much like other reviewers had to work a bit at install. I drilled some 3/8†holes to be able to access the front and back and torque down the bolts. I then purchased some rubber grommet plugs from Amazon to plug the holes. Gave it a nice finished look.
By Chris
Minneapolis, MN
Perfect Rail for a Jeep Grand Cherokee
December 16, 2020
This item is excellent, as described and did what the dealership told me could not be done without going to an aftermarket shop. I installed them myself, then put on a Yakima Roof rack and couldn't be happier.

The tips in the comments from others are on point for getting them set on the roof in a solid and correct fashion.
ProsThey are OEM from what I can tell. They look perfect. They replaced a useless plastic strip so I could put a rack on. The price was 1/2 of everyone else. The options in finish are ideal.
ConsLacking instructions out of the box, which was overcomeable by the tips from others who bought them.
By David
Niagara Falls NY
Installation guide here what worked for me
July 26, 2020
I searched around and found a bunch of helpful hints to install these since they do not come with any install information at all. You will need a large torx bit to remove the 6 oem screws and you will reuse 4 screws and 4 plastic washers per side. Next glue the 4 plastic washers to the center 4 holes leaving the front and back holes out. I used the same setup for both the front and back holes which was a M6 1.0 20mm or 25mm flat head screw (my Home Depot was out of the 25mm), 1/4 in x 1 in large washer, small M6 flat washer and the nylon washer from the oem screw last. I tightened these as tight as I could get them and took my time slide on the new rail ensuring the back hole is in 1st then the front on until the center holes line up.
ProsLooks good with some mods.
ConsNo instructions No list on what parts are needed.
By Steve
Stupid Design
January 12, 2020
As so many have pointed out these look great but the underside clip on the front of each piece is the dumbest design and you’ll need to fabricate something for it to work. It’s infuriating how stupid it is given the cost of them.
By Joe
Great Product
October 11, 2019
Shipping was lightning quick. These rails look awesome.
ProsFairly easy install.
By Anastazi S.
Great looking rails- same as factory
September 25, 2019
These racks are very simple in design and look good installed. Glad that these grey ones were available as I have a totally blacked out JPC and didn't want the chrome rails you see on all the Limiteds. As many others have stated - you need to test fit them a few times to get the hidden screws that are at the from and rear of each rail (under the plastic caps) screwed in the right depth first so that when you slide on the rails on under these screws, the plastic pieces sit as flush as you can make them to the roof. The remaining screws are super easy to install. There's no instructions, but it's easy to figure out. I reused the plastic washer that were used on the caps that came on my JPC Altitude's roof to space up under the new rails. Each rail is labelled left and right underneath so look for that.
ProsLooks good Simple design Same as factory
ConsHidden screws at front and rear are a stupid design. These should be made to be able to screw in from the top (like the rest of the screws) and then covered with a flush fitting cap for the screw access hoes. Zero instructions.
By Rich
fits my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Perfectly
July 25, 2019
Okay i have a 2018 grand cherokee high altitude - black out edition with a hemi. and for some dumb ass reason FCA thought hey let's put on a decorative molded plastic roof rails nobody would ever want to put stuff on top of a all black grand cherokee. So for a year i been trying to figure out how to put a rack on my jeep that didn't make me put it directly on the roof. I finally found this product. I have even asked at dealers and the the dealer body shop all said you need to drill more holes. I asked so you are telling me that because i got the blackout FCA decided to make a completely difference roof hmm. I found this product read the review and bought it. fits perfectly took all of 30 minutes to install
Pros- fits perfectly - looks amazing it?s all black and nobody even knows i switched my rails - holds 150 and you use the fixed point mounts from either thule yakima - the pictures are before and after
Cons- no instructions - tips : you need to use the mounting bolts (6 of them )from the original rails you have to put in 2 bolts before the top goes on so the bolt in back and front most go on first - play with the depth until you like how it aligns - the back bolt helps hold the top down the front is to help align it to make it strait - you need to push from back - align the rail with the holes in the roof - once aligned out the 4 bolts in don?t over tighten sounds complicated but it?s easy. look the bottom you will figure it out
By Alec
Waxahachie, TX
Stock screws and 30 mins!
July 16, 2019
We used the same screws and washers that came from the factory plastic pieces that came on our 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4. The previous reviewers are correct in that the first and last screws were the hardest to get to work. The back isn't completely flush to the roof, so we also agree that the first and last screws will work better if cut down a tad bc neither will screw in any further, but the rack is secure anyway. I'm so excited to finally have real rails and I love that they don't have any chrome!
By Bob
Longmont, CO
Fits factory holes on 2019 High Altitude Perfectly
May 16, 2019
This was a very easy install. It would be nice if it came with the correct Torx bit. Luckily, my roof rack kit from Thule came with the correct bit for the car. Installing the front and rear bolts is a little tricky because you have to get the heights correct. I started with the front bolt - adjusting the height until it was snug when slid on itself. I then did the back bolt by itself - adjusting until it was snug. I then slid them on together. Overall, it came out very flush.
By Charles W.
Easy Install, Look great
March 28, 2019
This was a good call. I bought these for a 2018 Grand Cherokee Summit bc the dealer stripped the car they sold and replaced them the plastic slugs. If buying one of these I strongly encourage you to check the roof rails - mine still even had the dirt line around where the old ones were removed - as if done the same day. I bought 2015 GC rails bc they don't make them for the summit per se. Bu they work just the same.Anyway, these were super easy to install and the charcoal grey looks awesome with the exterior paint. I have since added crossbars and installed them without any issues. No noise and super snug fit. Very happy so far.
By Eder
Seattle, WA
It fits perfectly on my Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 2018
March 4, 2019
I replaced the plastic trim that comes with the Grand Cherokee Altitude with the roof tracks The holes aligned well and I use the same fasteners and washers. I recommend to remove the washers from the front bolt. And glue the plastic washer to the next four loacations to the car side with silicone so they stay in place. For the last bolt (rear end) the washer needs to be glue to the bolt head side not to the car side. Once you do that, it literally takes 15 min to finish the job.
By Ted J.
January 16, 2019
I did a lot of research before I purchased these side rails. Several people who reviewed these rails said that the holes didn't line up and they had to do all sorts of fabricating. I have a 2017 Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition and I removed my old pointless "decorative" ones and saved the plastic washers to use for these new rails. Every hole lined up perfectly and was a super easy install. The only issue comes with the rear end of the rails and getting the screws tightened but I simply drilled a small hole in the plastic and fit my drill bit perfectly through there to tighten it up. Great product and to those with no car experience don't worry you can handle it!
By Steven S.
Oxnard, CA
Fit my 2018 Grand Cherokee almost exactly
January 15, 2019
Looks great installed. I have a High Altitude version that had the plastic covers. All the bolt holes line up perfectly, but the plastic ends of these rails need to be held in place with a low height thin flat head bolt. I ground down the existing bolts and then used a plastic spacer to hold them above the roof for space to slide the plastic rail ends over them. All In all recommended roof rails, even for those jeeps without the factory ones already installed.
By Gabe
Looks great on High Altitude
January 8, 2019
The side rails are a must have on a high altitude Jeep Grand Cherokee that came with factory plastic useless rails. As mentioned in other posts it takes a bit of patience installing the front and rear points do to the way they have to slide them into place. I didn't have to do any drilling or anything other than using the same factory screws. The rails are absolutely rock solid once installed properly. Slide from back to front. I also removed the front washer that was atached to the screw for an easier fit. Bottom washer (bigger of the two) I left in place and thats the washer on the bottom of the rails. I was able to tighten the screws all the way and was able to slide the rails right in. Take your time but it is possible. I'll attach some pictures.
ProsGreat look! Matches my Jeep perfectly!
ConsA bit tricky to install. No instructions provided and you have to reuse all factory hardware.
By Joe
Hooksett NH
Easy installation 2015 GC Overland
December 18, 2018
Quick delivery of product. Easy installation, used existing bolts from orignal side rails to install these functional side rails with no issues. Waiting on the cross bars now. Total install time 30 minutes
By Justin P.
December 15, 2018
Simple to put on with all factory mounting hardware- Just unscrew factory bracket and screw this in. Fits perfect and looks awesome
Denver, Colorado
Works Great
December 15, 2018
Installed on 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland High Latitude. All holes lined up. Only issue is both ends of the rail that require slot fixtures. Easily fixed by replacing the existing bolts with flat head screws and fender washers to lock into place.
ProsLooks good. Holes lined up. Haven't carried a load yet, but not doubt will be plenty strong.
ConsWithout a special mounting kit being included with product, had to replace end bolts with Flat Head bolts and fender washers. Only inconvenience and trip to hardware store.
By Greg
Mount Horeb Wi
make your roof functional
December 3, 2018
Great replacement for the plastic trim that comes on altitudes. The Jeep dealer told me that they could not swap side rails for the stock ones so I did it myself. (they actually said they would not fit) installed in about 30 minutes, mounted a thule rack to it, ready to go.
By Brian
Perfect color match for 2018 High Altitude grey wheels and moldings.
November 14, 2018
A bit tricky to install due to front insert, but able to use all your existing bolts. I used 4 large flat washers as a replacement to the washers that I took off for the front and back bolts. It is a bit tricky to line up both the front and back at the same time when working by yourself, but just take your time and go slow. I also used additional locktite on the bolts when reinstalling them. Very firm fit after securing all bolts back on. I can shake the entire vehicle by holding onto the racks, they will not come off!I just wish the factory had oem crossbars already on these rails to prevent having to buy additional bars in order to use the rails.
Proscolor matches 100%.
ConsFront and back bolt installation, it should be a top mounted bolt insert like the rest of the bolts for an easier fit.
By Sean
Grand Cherokee replacement rails
September 25, 2018
After a bit of hardware store shopping for the right front and rear mounts, install was perfect. Excited to mount some bikes.
ProsGreat replacement of factory plastic rails.
ConsHad to engineer mounts but ended up nailing a perfect fit without instructions.
By Brian
Just what I needed for my srt8 Jeep
September 7, 2018
I really needed to put on a set of roof racks with a cargo basket for trip I was taking. The factory SRT roof rails are not actual functioning roof rails. They are just a plastic cap that's bolted to the roof. So I needed real functioning roof rails, but I didn't want the chrome ones that come on most of the jeeps. And I didn't want one that was raised off the roof. I wanted to maintain the low profile look of the factory SRT rails. These where exactly what I needed. They bolted right up using all the existing hardware and bolt holes for my factory rails. They look like my factory rails. But are actually functional now.
ProsThey look like my Factory SRT roof rails, but are actually functional, unlike my original ones. The grey and black looks much better ok my black jeep, then the chrome version found on most jeeps. They only took about 10 minutes to install. Easy peasy. Uses all my factory SRT hardware.
By Tony G.
Taking your Jeep to the next LEVEL
August 29, 2018
Installation took maybe 30 minutes. It says in the description that they are not a direct replacement for the black plastic rails that come with some models. I have the altitude edition and all the screws that came out of the plastic rails matched with this product. The ends are a bit tricky because they slide on, but just use a bigger washer. This product in the grey color let my Jeep keep that murdered out look. Love the look and the rails, and shipping was crazy fast.
ProsMatched up pretty well despite the description. (I had the black plastic altitude rails) Great look and color instead of the original chrome rails
ConsNo instructions, but it's pretty much just swap and adjust.
By John
Raleigh, NC
Work great, easily installed .
August 22, 2018
All holes lined up with the existing nuts in rooftop and existing bolts were used
ProsLook great and allow for rooftop racks to be used.
Perfect color for the black-out look
July 26, 2018
This is the OEM version for the Jeep altitude package.
By Ronald B.
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Great Product for a murdered out 2018 Grand Cherokee Altitude
July 9, 2018
This product was a great addition to our all blacked out 2018 Grand Cherokee Altitude. It is "almost" direct bolt on with the addition of 2 customized Thumb bolts. All the other original hardware from the fake rails can be reused and lined up in the holes on the new side rails. I added some pics of the thumb bolts that I purchased and then used my angle grinder to flatten out and fit tightly into the plastic guides that attached to the front of the side rails. There is one required for each side. I didn't require any additional hardware other than these 2 thumb bolts. It took me a couple minutes to grind down the thumb bolts and overall about 15 minutes for the total install. I have no clue why Jeep doesn't include these on the Altitudes to start with.
Pros- Relatively easy install - Factory look - Worked perfect with cargo rails
Cons- Should include the 2 "additional" screws (that I fabricated) for the front holes that slide in to mount
By Rick
Detroit, MI
Quick install once you figure it out.
July 5, 2018
Overall great product. My suggestion for JfJ would be to create an install guide since Mopar decided to not create one.
ProsGreat Product. JfJ was quick and efficent.
ConsNo install guide. Had to search the Jeep forums to figure out how to install on 2018 High Altitude. Look on Jeep They have a great write up.
By Eric D.
Good Fit, Install is tricky
June 29, 2018
the correct configuration of the hardware is tricky, but follow the write ups by other people and you should be fine. Very sturdy once installed.

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