sPOD 8-Circuit SPOD Source SE System with Touchscreen for 2018-2021 Wrangler JL and 2020 Gladiator JT


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Item: 8-700-TSB-JL

Manufacturer: sPOD

Availability: Out of stock

sPOD8-Circuit SPOD Source SE System with Touchscreen for 2018-2021 Wrangler JL and 2020 Gladiator JT


!!!NOTE!!! Will not fit the JL/JT with a diesel engine! The industry leader in power and control solutions. sPOD systems utilize automotive grade approved high-power, high-temp, ultra-reliable components with a maximum 100 amp capacity! The sPOD SourceSE is a Solid-State fully programmable digital CAN-Bus controlled system utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. OEM vehicle specific simple installation hardware, engineered and 100% manufactured in the United States since 2006. NOTE The Touchscreen will go into "Deep Sleep" after 6 hours of inactivity (ie: no usage of the HD or not running the engine). Once in deep sleep, the HD will turn off any accessories that were left on (including refrigerators!). The touchscreen controller is small but packs a BIG punch! (3-3/4w X 2-7/8h X 5/8 thk) The control module is a 3.5-inch LED-backlit TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320 x 240, 16.7m colors and a viewing angle of 180 degrees housed in a billet aluminum case. Touchscreen comes with its own universal mounting bracket. The connection between the SourceSE and the touchscreen uses a standard Ethernet cable (10 feet long). NOTE: The touchscreen is NOT weather resistant and should NOT be exposed to the elements. Water or any liquids will damage the touchscreen and void the warranty. Benefits:
  • Reduced installation time and labor, allowing for mounting and connection of eight switches at one time versus individually
  • Reduced wire harness complexity, using one harness to our controller to accommodate up to 32 circuits
  • Reduced harness size offers an overall reduction in weight, improving the operational efficiency of the equipment
  • Increase in switch lifecycle over traditional electromechanical switches

Each switch is programmable for:
  • Dimming
  • Strobe
  • Flash
  • Momentary
  • Switch Linking
  • On Road and Off Road mode of operation

Touchscreen Control Module Features:
  • Programmable modes: dimming flash momentary strobe switch linking (master switch setting)
  • Adjustable back-lit/intensity options
  • Voltage feedback of vehicle's battery/alternator voltage
  • Temperature feedback of SourceSE/Bantam
  • Customization of legends (up to 3 lines of text)
  • Power-saving Deep Sleep Mode: Deactivates after 6 hours of inactivity
  • Complete circuit shutdown with 1-second hold of on/off
  • Auto safe system shutdown when touchscreen is unplugged
  • Touchscreen can control up to 32 circuits (by swipe of a finger)
  • CAT-6 Ethernet connected (up to 25-feet from SourceSE/Bantam)
  • Can run in conjunction with another Touchscreen, HD & 8-Switch panel
  • On-demand wireless software updates/upgrades
  • Mounting bracket included

Bluetooth Requirements:
  • Download sPOD Bantam app from iTunes or Google Play Store
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad mini iOS 7 or newer
The primary reason for the Bluetooth integrated into the Touchscreen is for programming purposes, and not for remote control due to the limited range.
Touchscreen housings are precision machined billet aluminum which contributes to the distance limitations.
Ranges may vary from 5 feet up to 15 feet depending on the location of the Touchscreen, the surroundings, phone type, phone cover, and many other variables.

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