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Mopar Black Honeycomb Grill Inserts for 2017-2020 Grand Cherokee WK2
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Mopar Black Honeycomb Grill Inserts for 2017-2020 Grand Cherokee WK2

Item: 68317863AA
Manufacturer: Mopar
Availability: In Stock

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Regular price: $103.00Sale price: $87.55You Save: $15.45!(15%)

Compatibility Guide

2017-2020Grand Cherokee WK2

mopar Black Honeycomb Grill Inserts for 2017-2020 Grand Cherokee WK2

Looking to "Black Out" your grill? Then get the Mopar factory black honeycomb inserts for the 2017-2020 WK2 Grand Cherokee models to complete the job.

The grill inserts can be used on all 2017-2020 Grand Cherokees except the SRT8 & Trackhawk.
These grill inserts can also be used on the 2016 75th Anniversary model Grand Cherokees.

Item # 68317863AA
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32 Reviews
91% (29)
9% (3)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
100% Recommend this product (32 of 32 responses)
By Anthony
New York New York
January 14, 2018
Agressive, install takes a few hours, love the look. Thanks
ProsBeautiful sharp factory look
ConsRemoving front bumper to install- not fun.
By Chris
Genuine Part, Perfect Fit, Incredible Look!
June 3, 2017
After looking around on eBay and other sites...I found the black grille inserts on JustForJeeps for my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude. I love my Jeep and the way it looks, but found that Jeep wasn't totally clear with the advertising. The main photo on their website shows an all black accent vehicle (including the grille inserts) however this is not the case when you go to "build and price"...nor is it the case with the actual I wanted to change that. This is a genuine part for the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee...I believe there is a difference in grille insert parts between the 2017 and any other if you have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, then this is the black grille insert you should get (not the ones on eBay according to my research).Installation took about an hour. There aren't any instructions on this website, but it's pretty self explanatory. You will have to replace the fender nylon blind rivets (they have to be broken to remove part of fender to get to remove front bumper. Once front bumper is off, unscrew grille screws, remove individual inserts and replace one by one (although they come strung together, you don't need to install them as such). Again, it's all pretty self can watch a couple youtube videos with older models if you want to get the idea of what you need to do.I don't know the exact part number for the nylon blind rivets, but I believe they are 1/4". I couldn't find the information online as to what part exactly to replace with, so I found something similar at my local auto store.If you want the all black accent look...this is the only honeycomb grille insert that I know of for the 2017 Grand Cherokee's...and it looks perfect!
Pros-Relatively easy self installation. -Perfect fit. -Looks amazing. -Exactly what was missing on my Jeep!
Cons-Website doesn't provide instructions or replacement part numbers for the fender retainer clips.
By Anthony
Looks great
December 6, 2019
These grill inserts look great! Couldnā€™t wait to install.
By James
Grand Cherokee Altitude Black Grill...
September 11, 2019
Excellent OEM quality grill inserts from JustForJeeps. They make my 2019 Grand Cherokee Altitude look like it should. Install: I did the "no bumper removal" install you'll see in other comments. Work from the center out, then back, take your time. It's a tight space, loosen and move the horns as you work around them. The Dewalt dwarafs12" Angle Screw driver attachment was a must for effectively removing/re-installing the screws.
By Zoe
Greater NYC
Looks cool
September 1, 2019
The grill came out really nice! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to replace them myself because apparently you have to unplug the headlights and reset the computer system, which the Jeep auto body made it sound like something I didn't want to mess with on my own. I ended up having to spend an additional $200 to get them installed, which is a bummer, but they do look awesome. The only downside is that they're not as shiny as the rest of the grill, so they don't match with exactly the same black color.
ProsLooks pretty good.
ConsBlack color isn't as shiny/doesn't exactly match the color of the rest of the grill. Needed to use Jeep dealership to install to avoid screwing up the computer system as well as the entire front of the car in general.
By JoJo
New Jersey
Black on Black
August 18, 2019
Looks amazing on my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude. The only thing that wasn't black on this car originally was the honeycomb grille. The black grille just made the car look from soccer mom to aggressive.
ProsReal Mopar part. Looks amazing when installation is complete.
ConsYou have to be very patient and very OCD. Luckily I have friends that work with cars on a regular basis that it only took them an hour - including taking the bumper off and on. They also managed to not break any of the original parts.
By Travis
Perfect for Altitude Trim
July 14, 2019
JFJ provided fast shipping for this made in the USA MOPAR part. The 7 grille pieces come linked together from plastic from manufacturing. You can cut through this with tin snips or heavy-duty scissors. I elected to NOT remove the bumper for this install. To ease this process, I bought a ratcheting Phillips Drive to remove / install the grille pieces (similar item in images) as well as a cheap trim tool kit. By freeing the trim near the hood latch (two trim screws and 4 clamps) I was able to get to all 14 screws. NOTE: I performed this in a hot garage in the summertime. If this is done in cold temperatures, it could crack the plastic trim. It's not impossible, but a bit cumbersome to remove all the screws this way. Since the screws are designed to "dig in'' to the plastic then are driven in to, it takes an even greater amount of torque to reinstall the screws.Going though the grille, it's difficult to get a good amount of torque on the screws to get them free. If I were to do this again, I would consider replacing the OEM Phillips head screws for a hex-head screw. This would allow you to get a small box-end wrench around the screw to tighten them all the way in this cramped space. Even with the ratcheting Phillips drive, I was unable to get all 14 screws completely seated. Luckily, this had no affect on the overall aesthetics of the grille change with a few screws partially seated.
ProsThis makes the Altitude Trim look the way IT SHOULD!!
ConsNone Noted
By Brandon A.
Blacked grill
June 21, 2019
Great piece to finish off the altitude or high altitude models.
By Randy
Wallingford Ct
The way it should come from the factory!
October 15, 2018
Awesome product and speedy delivery! I installed myself without taking off front bumper off. Used DEWALT DWARAFS Right Angle Flex Shaft, 12" with drill. Started with the center insert and worked my way out. You will have to remove both horns, not a big deal. Took a little over a hour. Some tabs will break off from the rings but don't stress because the new inserts have tabs as well.
ProsLooks great They have locking tabs
By Ben
September 3, 2018
Fit great on my 2018 Grand Cherokee Altitude. Looks great. Only difficult part was removing the bumper.
ProsGreat look. Completed my Altitude blackout.
ConsRemoving bumper
By Amy
August 31, 2018
Absolutely changed the look of my Jeep for the better!!! Not sure why they put silver inserts in an all blacked out vehicle. Looks amazing now. A little tricky to install without removing the bumper but well worth it!
By Montana
West Virginia
Love it!
July 27, 2018
These new inserts make my Jeep look a million times better! Shipping was quick, which is always a plus. I took my Jeep to a shop that does mods and customizations to switch out the inserts. He did not have to take the front bumper off! I toldHim to do what another reviewer here said to do- pop the hood and take out the silver from behind with a short screw driver. It was some tight handwork, and took him maybe 45 minutes after I showed him that review below. Ultimately, I think I could have done it myself, but I preferred to take it to an expert. Lol.
ProsMore uniform look to the Jeep. Good quality.
By Ken
June 29, 2018
Fast delivery looks great on my new Alitude
By Christopher
Great for the blackout trim package
May 3, 2018
Great fit and easy to install if you know how to work on cars, just to help yall out the bottom 2 plastic fasteners in the wheel wells are plastic rivits so make sure to have a rivet gun and plastic rivets. And be super carefull taking the rings off, do top 2 clips first then bottom 2. Save you the money. And fyi you need to cut off the parts that attach them too, a pair of dikes works well.
ProsGreat look. And descrete packing if you tell them its a gift.
ConsNot gloss black like it looks in the pictures. Closer to what your wipers color is. Fyi.
By Hope
Corydon, Indiana
April 11, 2018
The perfect finishing touch to my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude Edition. Heavy duty plastic was heavier than the grill that it came with. Luckily I have a friend that installed it for me.
ProsLooks great!
ConsNo Instructions.
By JimB
OEM quality
March 21, 2018
Looks great.
By Jeff
Atlanta, GA
Perfect match
January 14, 2018
This black grill was the perfect match to replace the silver grill on my 18 Jeep Grand Cherokee high altitude. It took a little cramped hand work, but it was well worth it!
ProsGreat match. Great price.
By Lauren M.
Lacey, Washington
Great product looks perfect
January 12, 2018
I bought this for my black Jeep Grand Cherokee altitude package and everything was black except the grill which I didn't like. This got to my house in a week and I had it installed for $100 and it looks excatly like how the Jeep should have came from dealership.
By Steve
Authentic Mopar Looks Fantastic!
October 15, 2017
I bought these grills because like most other purchasers the 6k extra you pay for the altitude package doesnt come with blacked out grill inserts but silver ones. I suggest everyone call jeep customer service and express your disgust about this 1-877-426-5337 or nothing will change. It took about an 1-1/2 hrs no bumper removing. Just pop the clips above the grill attached to the frame and you can fit your hand w/ a stubby philips, small socket screw set up or a flexible right angle screw tip cordless drill attachment. Working your way from the middle to either side. Once the middle is out its easier to get to the rest of them. Note of caution.... the grill inserts are attached to the rings on my 2017 grand cherokee but are clipped in with easily breakable snaps. Once you unclip the two out gently push the clips on the top or bottom until they just make the insert loose then in most cases the insert will push away from the other clips. Made in Ginnna(china) what can i say. Your bumper will probably pull out a bit by the headlights but don't worry it will pop in easy when done. Don't be afraid to tug on the grill those screws are a b!^ch.
By 2017 J.
Los Angeles
Perfect fit
October 8, 2017
This product is the perfect fit for my 2017 Grand Cherokee altitude package. They were the missing set of teeth for my car and completed my black on black look.... there is one thing everyone needs to keep in mind though: the bumper must come off. And before you stress out, I found a link on YouTube that will help you with that. going through this video like twice, I already memorized it. And its really not that hard to take apart and put back. There are just 2 things you must remember when doing this process and that is to: 1.) buy 4 extra rivets to replace the ones you will have to break off by the fender area on both sides (which are super easy to put new ones on) & 2.) remember to detach the fog bulbs before detaching the bumperIt really is a piece of cake with that video I post above. I did it on my own in about an hour.Also keep in mind that the grill comes attached all in one piece so youll have to cut them out to be individual pieces. Overall great!!! Highly recommended for anyone who has 2017 Grand Cherokee
ProsPerfect fit per slot, looks amazing, durable plastic material and a piece of cake after you learn how to detach the bumper
ConsGotta buy replacement rivets for the ones you break from both sides of the fender area... 2 each side for a total of 4 you have to buy.
By Robert
Albany, ny
Great product
September 4, 2017
My girlfriend just bought a gorgeous blacked out jeep, everything black except for the grill....not sure what jeep was thinking. Anyway, the install is pretty straight forward, there's some good videos on youtube. Bumper removal is a piece of cake, but take your time installing grill inserts if you're at all concerned about not breaking the fragile plastic clips. It would also be a great idea to pick up a plastic rivet gun as there are two poly rivets on each wheel well that are not reusable. Took me about 45 minutes total. Good luck, totally worth it!
ProsLooks better than stock silver. Girlfriend is happy. Was fun and easy to do, while making me look like a professional.
ConsThey should have been black in the first place.
By steve B.
Snohomish, WA
Looks Great.
August 11, 2017
A pain to install. The dealer did it for $200.
ProsLooks great on my Black 2017 Grand Cherokee
ConsA pain to install.
By Jeffrey
Northern Virginia
August 11, 2017
I give this product a 09/10 for two reasons: #1, It's made out of some type of plastic (product is not painted black to match) and #2 they're a son of a itch to install. For all of you folks looking for information on how to install, you'll need to take the front bumper off to get at these inserts. There's a video or two on YouTube showing you how to remove the bumper, just search 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee front bumper removal. I HIGHLY suggest finding a good local shop if you're not mechanically inclined and/or don't have tools/space needed to complete this task. Other than that, I echo everyone else who has left a review prior to me; just exactly why in the hecks would Jeep use chrome inserts on an otherwise "all blacked out" Grand Cherokee Altitude model, is beyond me. The next thing I'm going to do is buy a black exhaust tip (from this website) to replace the existing chrome exhaust tip which defeats the whole "blacked out theme" completely.
ProsLooks slick AF once finally installed! (:
ConsDifficult to install :(
By Sarge
, Seekonk, MA
My new Grill Inserts
August 7, 2017
Had my Inserts changed today on my 2017 Altitude. I also question why Jeep makes a special edition Grand Cherokee blacked out and then puts a chrome grill on it... But I love the difference and had the local Body shop do it for me. Friend of a friend..$50. Looksgreat and am putting racing stripes that I saw on another GC online this week. Getting them from House of Grafx in NY. Lady owns thecompany is named Talia, great lady and she goes the extra mile to please. I'll include a current photo if I can and a pic of the incomingstripe kit for House of Grafx. Getting there. Love these Black Inserts and their quality.God bless the USA and the 2nd Amendment !Sarge
ProsGreat product
By Jeff
July 27, 2017
Great loved it worked out great!
By Sean
July 23, 2017
The perfect touch to my Grand Cherokee high altitude package.
ProsAll pros
ConsNo cons
By Amanda
Installation Help
July 19, 2017
I just purchased this grill for my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude but can not find any videos or instructions on how to install it. I have read everyone's previous reviews and agree. I can't believe a car that has all black accents , they would put a chrome grill. It makes no sense. What bothers me even more is that I can't find a video or instructions for the 2017 . PLEASE HELP and post the links my fellow 2017 Altitude owners !!!!! Thank you
By Criciuma
Looks great. Pain to install.
July 10, 2017
The items looks fine. It is plastic, and not the same tone as the other portion of the grill which is disappointing at first, but then as you get used to it it's just normal.It looks great.
ConsInstallation is a pain. You have to remove the bumper, then the grill portion and each one of these inserts has to be installed individually where the silver ones where. You have to remove the glossy portion where the inserts go, and then remove the inserts from it. It is very easy to break the tabs that snap on the insert, but luckily, thy are backed up by a screw. It took me almost 2 hours to do this because I didn't want to cut the plastic rivets that held the skirt under the car. After I did, everything was straight forward but a pain in the ass. So it is not that hard, I would say knowing what I know now, it would've taken 40 mins. But, I will never do this again haha. By the way, you can buy the rivets on Amazon for $5.00 for a bag of 20 or so. You'll only need 4.
By Chris
inserts are fantastic very easy in install with a video I watched on Youtube
July 7, 2017
Really like the new black grille inserts. dealer wanted $450 to change them. I installed them myself in about 1 1/2 hours
By Derek
Los Gatos, CA
Great product
July 6, 2017
I purchased a 2017 Grand Cherokee Altitude and for some reason, it came with chrome grille inserts. I found this product and couldn't be happier. I installed it myself which took me about an hour and a half. You have to remove the entire front bumper for installation but there is a video on youtube to follow (or you can have it installed at the dealership). I highly recommend Justforjeeps to purchase this product!
ProsGreat look
ConsLengthy install

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